My honours thesis on 2005 BC-STV campaign:
Closing the gap in deliberative democracy: The importance of communication in the post-deliberative process

Here is a collection of a few Papers that I particularly enjoyed writing.

Yes, “We” Can: Politics of Inclusion in the Obama Campaign [view pdf] -new

We The People: The Shifting Paradigm of Electoral Campaigning [view pdf] -new

Communicating Proportional Representation in Canada [view pdf] -new

Deliberative Democracy and its Ramifications for Political Communication [view pdf] -new

Selective Consumption: The Fashionable News Diet [view pdf] -recent

Modernism and Postmodernism: The Dysfunctional Family [view pdf] -recent

The Tower of Babel – Building language borders into the Net

Transmedia Storytelling: The Art of World Building

Digital Cinema Evaluated

Digital Ethnography, Practice and Ethics

Implications of Engaging an Older Workforce: The Role of the Internet and the Issues of Connectivity, Accessibility and Usability

…more to come!

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